App Customisation – Customize a host of unique features

App Customization provides you with a few features and options that could prove useful to you in certain cases. Let’s take a brief look at all of them:

    1. Change Club
      Change Club or Club selection panel can be used to change or update your favorite clubs if you ever desire to. You can change or update your favorite club for any number of times you desire, however, do keep in mind that it could lead to a few Banters being thrown your way.
      But hey, that’s where the fun lies, right? Bring it on!
    2. Share app
      Okay, so you are a Manchester City fan who has fired a banter against Manchester United. However, a bunch of Red Devils have gathered around the comment section of your banter and you desperately need some backup against the barrage of bantz being thrown towards you. So, what will you do?
      Of course, you can’t rely on the Liverpool or Chelsea fans who are throwing in a few cheeky quips to add fuel to the fire. They were never your mates, were they?
      The only plausible thing you can do is share the app on your WhatsApp group of City fans, maybe a big Facebook group comprised of the Citizens and invite them to take on them Devils and claim your win.
      Oh, and you can also share the app on any social media just because you love it…
    3. Update
      We are always working diligently towards our dream of making Banter Box the best football app on the planet.
      For that reason, we are always looking to provide new and unique features to our users, better the existing features, and solve any kind of problems or issues that might be encountered by you or any other user on the app.
      While we do provide you with a push notification in-case the app needs to be updated, it is a healthy practice to check the update button every once in a while, just in case.
    4. Clear Cache
      In the wiki terms, ‘a cache is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster.
      ‘In layman terms, if you are experiencing issues, for example, the new Banters or images are failing to load, you can always clear the cache and that should solve your problems.
    5. Help
      So clearing the cache didn’t solve your problems? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!
      There are a few Frequently Asked Questions that you can go through in the help section that might hold your answer. If not, you can always contact us by dropping a direct message and somebody from our support will get back to you shortly.
      You can also provide us with suggestions and opinions on how we can make Banter Box the best Football app on the planet. We are always looking for constructive criticisms and suggestions and we always love to hear from our users. So please do hit us with your views and considerations!
    6. About us
      The narcissist that we are, we love to flaunt our identities. If you ever want to know about who’s behind this app, you can always visit the about us section.
      Warning: It’s boring! We would rather advise you to click on the ‘share app’ button more frequently!

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