Banter Factory – Place to create the Banters

Banter Factory is the heart and soul of the Banter Box.


Selecting your favorite club from the Club selection panel is just the start. Once you have locked in your club from the selection panel (which you can change or update at any time), you can now move onto the Banter Feed and the Banter Factory.


What is a Banter Factory, you ask? Well, this is the most sacred and holy place of all where the users of Banter Box visit when they want to create that ultimate Banter against the clubs of their likings.


Let’s say you are an Arsenal fan. Your away form resembles the act of Shkodran Mustafi trying to defend in the box. Obviously, there are gonna be Banters floating on the Banter Feed alongside the ‘fam’ and ‘blud’ references.


But hey, the other guys from North London aren’t doing any better either! You see the Spurs fans popping up with cheeky Bantz against your club and that fills you with anger and inspiration, the 2 basic ingredients that are required to be a success at the Banter Factory.


So what do you do? Of course, you dive into the factory, put your anger and inspiration to the correct use, create a Banter or two, maybe invite a few of your mates to have your back in the comment section and settle that debate on Banter Box!


Statutory warning: It’s addictive!

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