Banter Feed – Browse through unlimited funny banters

Banter Feed helps you browse through unlimited funny banters right here…

So, maybe, you are a Liverpool fan who has a bone to settle with an Everton or a Manchester United fan? No worries, we have already got that covered for you on the Banter Factory anyway. Just dive into the factory and create the ultimate banter that will rile up the opposition fans; The classic Emmanuel Adebayor style!

But there’s a rapture in watching a Manchester City and Manchester United fan go head to head, while you satisfactorily take pleasure from the outside, maybe take a leaf out of the Jose Mourinho book and add a few cheeky quips to add fuel to the fire? That has to one of the best feelings in the world as a Football fan!

Our Banter Feed offers you the opportunity to browse through all the classic, funny, hilariously shareable, and sometimes, admittedly, a few cringy Banters created by the users of the Banter Box.

It doesn’t matter which club you support, you can react on any post on the Banter Box (with a ‘LOL’ or a unique ‘piss off’ emoticon’), share it on your Football group on WhatsApp to rile up a few mates from the work or pub or even bookmark the post of your likings for the future use.

You can also comment on your views and get into a discussion with other users. (You can always call your mates for ‘backup’ if the need ever arises!).

Banter Feed is an amazing platform of collection of unlimited Banters and even if you are hesitant to create a Banter for yourself, you can always enjoy others’ work by browsing through the feed.

We bet you will have a great time!

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