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Can the Toffees stop Klopp from turning Merseyside into his personal playground?

Even if you are an Everton fan you probably wouldn’t bet a tenner on the Toffees stopping Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool these days, eh? But there was a time when things were slightly different.

The historic rivalry between these two Merseyside clubs is the most unique of all and here we take a brief look at that:


Merseyside Derby

With no physical, religious or social divide between the two sets of fans unlike the El Clasico or Old Firm, the Merseyside derby is often referred to as the ‘friendly derby.’

A distance of a mere 400m and one Stanley Park is the only thing that separates these two clubs which is why you can find a Liverpool and Everton fan living under the same roof.

In fact, you can easily find a Father supporting Everton while the son sings to the tunes of “You’ll never walk alone” or vice versa (it also helps when both sets of fans have a similar hatred towards Manchester United!). 



No one really cares about a detailed history anymore and we are not gonna dwell too deep into that matter. So, here are some of the bullet points that will give you an idea of the history of the Merseyside Derby. 

Everton F.C. were founded in 1878 and used to play their home games at the Anfield from 1884. John Houlding, the club Chairman, who also owned the Stadium during that time, had a political disagreement with several of the Everton board members. Consequently, Everton vacated Anfield in 1892 and moved just 400 meters away to the Goodison Park resulting in Houlding finding a new club for Anfield; Liverpool.

Eventually, Liverpool and Everton first met on the 13th of October 1894 in the 1894-95 First Division game where the Toffees came away with a 3-0 victory over their rivals (and what wouldn’t they give for that kind of result now!) 

While Everton is the older of the 2 clubs, Liverpool is the most successful side in England having won 43 major trophies(and counting) in their history, surpassing Manchester United in the process.


World’s first football app for Banters

While there is no real animosity between Everton and Liverpool fans, there is always room for banters against each other, isn’t it?

Football is the most beautiful game in the world, the one we love to enjoy watching while having a few pints in the pub with the lads. But where’s the fun in that until the banters start flowing left, right and center?

Every Everton fan in the world is always looking for ways to get back at his Liverpool mate at home or at work and vice versa.

We have created Banter Box mobile application just for that purpose where the fans of different clubs can come together at one single platform to fire and browse through funny, creative and humorous banters against each other.

On Banter Box, you can connect with the fans from all over the UK and the world and create a community of die-hard Football fans who make this an enjoyable platform to spend your time on.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on this link and settle your differences now!


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