Carlo Ancelotti Everton manager

Carlo Ancelotti: “Everton manager? I thought I was signing for Liverpool!”

Everton have finally secured the signing of Carlo Ancelotti as their new permanent manager after sacking Marco Silva a few weeks back.

Our award-winning reporter and journalist, Chuck Spadina, decided to sit down with Carlo Ancelotti BEFORE his move to Everton. Here’s an excerpt.

Q: Hello Carlo. First of all, how are you?

A: I’m chuffed to the fucking bits mate.

Q: Looks like you are really excited to sign for Everton!

A: Wait, what?

Q: I said, it looks like you are really excited to become the Everton manager.

A: The fuck do you mean an Everton manager? Am I not here to sign for Liverpool?

Q: Umm, Carlo, Liverpool already have Jurgen Klopp. You are going to be unveiled as an Everton manager.

A: Fanculo, Fanculo, Fanculo.

Q: What will you do now, Carlo?

A: What about Chelsea, Man United, City or Tottenham? Any vacancies there?

Q: No Carlo, but the Arsenal job is open. Would you like to sign for them?

A: …

Q: Carlo?

A: Where do I sign for Everton?

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