Club Selection Panel – Select your favorite club

Club selection panel is fairly a simple yet important feature where you select the club of your choice.

For example, if you are a Manchester City fan, all you have to do is go to the club selection panel, browse through the list until you find Manchester City, click on the club, and voila, you are good to move on to the Banter Factory or the Banter Feed.

You can always change or update the club of your choice from the Club selection panel to, let’s say, Chelsea, if you ever feel like it (which doesn’t make you a plastic in any way, however, it will make you the crux of a few cliched banter).

It has to be kept in mind that you cannot move onto the Banter Factory to create Banters against the clubs of your choice or Banter Feed to browse through the unlimited Banters created by other users until you have gone through the Club selection panel.

It’s fun!

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