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Does the Gooners still have enough ammunition to catch the sprinting Spurs?

Does the Gooners have enough ammunition to catch the sprinting Spurs? Well, they definitely did until a decade back when they still had abundant bullets to catch the limping Spurs. 

However, things have changed slightly in the last decade or so. Much like the city of Manchester, North London has seen the rise of the underdog as a dominating force in the Premier League in recent times. Now only if they can win a trophy!


The North London Derby

Considered by many as one of the most fierce rivalries in the world of Football, the two teams first played each other in 1887. However, the rivalry did not begin until 1913 when Arsenal moved their ground to North London thus becoming Tottenham’s nearest neighbours which eventually gave birth to the local rivalry. Wise decision!

Since then, there have been several instances, both political and sometimes racial, between the two clubs that has added fuel to the fire resulting in a ferocious rivalry between the two sets of fans with many online surveys confirming that Arsenal and Tottenham fans see each other as their main rivals.

Historically, the North London derbies have been dominated by Arsenal, however, that trend has changed in the past decade or so since the rise of Spurs, most notably under their manager Mauricio Pochettino.

While, thankfully, both sets of fans don’t care about violence and hooliganism anymore, Banters are still one of the most important part of the North London rivalry. 

Whether it’s Arsenal consecutive 5-2 drubbing of Spurs in 2012 or Harry Kane already establishing himself as the highest goalscorer in the North London Derby (that too after being rejected by the Gunners), the banters are always abundant, just waiting to be unleashed.


World’s first football app for Banters

Whether you are in a pub, a few pints down, enjoying the game with your mates, or at work with your colleague who supports the rival team, banters are always the best part of this beautiful game. 

As an Arsenal fan, getting one up over your mate who is a Spurs fan (or vice versa) with that ultimate banter is what makes it worth it, doesn’t it?

At Banter Box, we provide you with the opportunity to join Football fans from all over the world at a single platform to post and browse through funny memes, images and ultimate Banters against the opposition clubs.

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