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Freddie Ljungberg admits: “Arsenal have a bunch of shit players”

Arsenal manager Freddie Ljungberg has admitted that his players are shit after the 3-0 home defeat to Manchester City on Sunday night.

“We have a bunch of shit players”

Arsenal manager Freddie Ljungberg has refused to take the blame for the 3-0 loss against Manchester City. When asked about the result, the Swedish manager was quick to point out that his players are solely to blame for the loss, “Look, we have a bunch of shit players who can’t spell the word defend”, Freddie was quoted as saying.

As per the trusted Banter Box sources, a couple of days ago David Luiz suffered a fit and refused to take any further part in the Arsenal training after Freddie Ljungberg asked him to tackle Aubameyang, “It was harsh, Emery never asked me to do that kind of stuff. It was like I was at Chelsea all over again. It was horrendous”, as per the Brazilian.

When Freddie Ljungberg was asked about Luiz’s comments after the Manchester City game, the Swede went mental, “Well, he’s shit, ain’t he? Chelsea ripped the fuck out of us. Chambers, Mustafi, Sokratis, they are all shit, everybody is fucking shit. Fuck off, I gotta take a shit!”, as Ljungberg stormed out of the press conference.

Next up, Arsenal travels to Goodison Park to take on Everton who are in just as much shit as the London club. It promises not to be a shitty affair…

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