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Have the power in London shifted from the North to the West permanently?

Have the power in London shifted from the North to the West permanently? 

For a long time, it was Arsenal who were the undisputed king of London, winning trophies and dominating the derbies for the most part. 

However, the last couple of decades have seen the rise of a club from West London, namely Chelsea FC, who have taken over the mantle from Arsenal and have dominated the Premier League ever since.


The London Derby

While not primary rivals per se, the rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea hit the top mark in the early 2000s when both clubs from London started to contest for the Premier League trophy.

The presence of Jose Mourinho as the Chelsea manager and Arsene Wenger as the Arsenal manager only added fuel to the fire as both of them took the banter to a different level. Fun times, weren’t they?

Several surveys in the 2000s confirmed that Arsenal fans considered Chelsea as their second-biggest rivals after Tottenham, while Chelsea fans were never far behind to return the favor. 

While Hooliganism was a big part of the London Derbies, thankfully, those days are behind us, for the most part. Fans these days prefer banter to football violence which can be seen predominantly on Social media.


World’s first football app for Banters

Banter has always been a big part of any sport, much more in Football than others and Chelsea and Arsenal fans have always been known for their high-quality banters.

While Jose Mourinho may no longer be at the helm at Stamford Bridge, the Banters still lives on with both sets of fans not wasting any time to get on at each other on Banter Box.

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