Manchester United vs Manchester City - Banter Box

Is Manchester still Red or is the City turning into a lighter shade of Blue?

Manchester might still be Red, thanks to their trophy-laden history, but a lighter shade of Blue has started to engulf the area, slowly but surely. However, what does the future hold?

After spending countless years and decades living in the shadows of their neighbors, being classed as Chelsea fans in disguise and taunted for their lack of real fans, Manchester City has finally risen from the dead and has rekindled the Manchester Derby.

While Manchester United is obviously one of the most successful clubs in the world, City had to spend decades, biding their time, waiting for their moment, and now, here they are!


Manchester Derby

From St. Mark’s (West Gorton) and Newton Heath LYR to Manchester City and Manchester United, both of these clubs have had a rich history that has been dominated by the Red Devils.

Things have started to take a turn, however, since 2010, as Manchester City have started to dominate the Premier League. 

While most of the Manchester United fans still consider Liverpool to be their fiercest rivals, there’s no doubt that the Manchester Derby is one of the most anticipated events in the Premier League, the one that is dominated by goals, high-end drama, and classic encounters.


World’s first football app for Banters

Hooliganism and football violence is a thing of the 20th-century now. We don’t care about any of that anymore nor should we!

However, there is always room for the classic Banters!

The Citizens and the Red Devils are always looking for an opportunity to one-up each other with witty bantz, funny and creative memes that you can only find on Banter Box.

Banter Box is a unique mobile application where the fans from all over the world get together at a single platform to post and browse through funny memes, images and ultimate Banters against the club of their likings. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click on this link and settle your differences now!

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